Unveiled (Dante Style Sonnet using Hendecasyllables for the Sestets)

Soft silk fluttering abstract forms of her
Brunette ocean of hair moving as a free aether
What had come from above met what was below
A sparkle of light whispering in dark low
A wisp of spirit hovering above glow
Seeing light for the first time as a glimmer

A slanted eye confronted with ample flaw
To pause a tear between a raindrop to fall
Hollow voice to whisper a tale of dark lies
About fiery waves of infinite guise
That don’t confuse the mind of the sightless wise
Who view nothing gained & nothing lost as ALL

Darkness & light playing the roles
An infinite play with light as confusion
A jumble of desires that structure illusions
Perceptions  of mind that project a soul

Existence there is beyond what is named
Unknowable behind barriers of mind
The mind a container & we the consigned
Burst through illusion to witness the frame.

**I did my best with the Hendecasyllables within the sestets  lol this one was a great challenge. I don’t think I’ve worked this hard on a sonnet since my college years. I humbly say thank you for reading & showing support for my work. Be well everyone.
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright May 2015
All rights reserved.



Walk Away (VEVO Music Video) by Mikial/AEABIA

Please visit my website www.mikialkennethmillard.com to view my new music video Walk Away which is now on vevo.com . If you would like to view it directly on vevo just search for AEABIA – Walk Away. I wrote the song about five months ago and recorded majority of the vocals at that time but hit a wall with the writing and couldn’t finish the song until about a week ago. I put the music video together from clips that I cinematically altered, colorized & added effects to which were purchased from shutterstock. I did my best to make the clips tell a story & convey a message. If you like the song & want to support my continued creation of art please buy the song on iTunes or amazon. I hope you enjoy it.  Thank you everyone for all of your support & please have a great day.


Mikial Kenneth Millard

Another Episode of City Of Mercy Tv Show Completed – Mikial

I just finished acting in my second episode of City Of Mercy Tv show. This time I was a church goer attending mass with a sinister past. Last time I played a suicide victim. I have one more episode coming up. The crew has been amazing & this has been a really fun time being on this show. I hope if they do a second season that I can be a part of it as well. I am also in the feature film Price For Freedom debuting may 2nd at the Hoboken film festival. Hopefully the movie will be released in theaters & netflix also. Thank you everyone for supporting my art, my blog & showing me so much love & respect. The love and respect are mutual, please everyone have an amazing evening & be well.

Mikial kenneth Millard


dreadedwomanblondonrockcloseheavenpromoPONDER fine art link
Golden rings of Saturn
Liquid upon fingers of heaven
Eyes of fire blazing in a cold face
of everlasting firmness
exuding solidarity
in fundamental luminosity

Her crown formed of brilliant
wings of divinity
A voice of a thousand Gods in unison
her regalia is blinding to the
impure eye

And so her face is not seen by the
dead eye
But she is pregnant with life itself
silently giving birth to an existence
beyond the beyond
clothed with light

Untouched by a darkness
that is her child
and yet her child does not
Know her.

**I will be releasing a few sonnets very soon.
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright April 2015
All rights reserved.

Heart – Filled

Originally posted on Taralinda Muses:


Two moons
and one solstice ago
his words came, woven in an Easterly
driven by frozen rain, unrelenting cold
they pushed West, gale force unyielding, sure
with 8 arms waving, hands cupped and overflowing
with nectar clear, light, soothing, sweet they pushed
head-on shadowed storms, unseen winds, inertia
up and over plains, mountains, heavy with mist,
each syllable, a ray of Sunlit compassion, multiplied hundreds more of itself~ traveled to the farthest coastal
cliffs, beyond bay and sea

Now the rain
Now the jasmine
blooms at night
Taralinda © 2015
Thank you Mikial.


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After Effects (Quatrain)

The silence after a thousand sighs
Petals fall from a  darkened sky
Eternal the sorrow of the foolish wise
Shattered by news of the closing of eyes

**Thank you to everyone who has ever supported my work, I could not thank you enough. Your support means a great deal to me & you have my greatest of love & respect in return. Please everyone be well & live full happy lives if you can.
By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright March 2015
All rights reserved