AND WE BECOME (Dante Style Petrarchan Sonnet)

Copyright Nov 2014  All rights reserved. No Copying allowed.

Copyright Nov 2014
All rights reserved.
No Copying allowed.

Rumblings of explosive thunder to come
Rolling rivers of liquid pain beginning what will be done
Humbled to thin bones for minor meager meals via soul mutiny as manifested
Muscles torn to shred as skin becomes weak to the sun
Hugging my youngest in the cold night knowing no victory is won
Tattered cloth flowing in the wind walking a winding road bested

Coughs of flame begin from young lungs set ablaze by life
Poisoned lungs never breathing freedom of youth being suckled by strife
In my arms the death of hope freezing a fragile body born fragile never reaching maturity
Boulders of conflict crushing our liberation as falling caves of ice
Drowning in the cold waters of conflict melting in the crucible of life
Maternity & Paternity transcendentally crushed by the blinding ignorance of eternity

Like fine dust the youth are taken slowly into the vicious current of wind
Slipping through our fingers the future of ALL
Never seeing the ending for being trapped in a beginning like endless fall
Crashes of thunder as rains of conflict abound between us never seeing the coming whirlwind

If not peace then lips of poison give the dates kisses malevolent
A metaphysical bullet ripping through the hearts of all is ignorance
The sharpest blade piercing our souls is human petulance
Let those with a MIND to perceive and consciousness to understand be a manifestation benevolent

**Dante Style Petrarchan Sonnet consists of two sestets & two quatrains. As most of you know sonnets are my favorite style to write in. Please try writing one if you have never had the pleasure.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright November 2014
All rights reserved.

HARDY Documentary NYC Premiere Q&A Picture Slideshow by Mikial

Pictures taken by Mikial Kenneth Millard for his AEABIA Media Brand Copyright Nov 2014, All rights reserved.

AEABIA Music/Poetry Hour 4 With Poetry Read by Artists ARVHEE & ALLISON MARIE

Hello everyone this episode of the music podcast we are fortunate & thankful to have poetry read by wonderful Artists Arvhee & Allison Marie. Many thanks to these two great artists for sharing their art with me & the world. Also I analyze a few song lyrics from artists who I feel have a firm grasp of descriptive language and rich content. If you would like to skip straight to Arvhee or Allison’s segments of the show see below.
Arvhee’s poetry segment begins at around 23 minutes into the show.
Allisons poetry Segment begins at around 39 minutes into the show.

Find more of ARVHEE’s work at
Find more of Allison Marie’s work at
Visit my website
Take care & thank you everyone.
Mikial Kenneth Millard

FINALITY (Free Verse) Poem 3 of 3

Black drops of rain during a fiery sunset
Blazing heat scorching the drenched earth
A final tango at the extinguishing of the Sun
Eternal darkness to come between our bodies

We embrace with tears in our eyes, fire in our hearts
Let us shout together like the wolves of the night to show the universe we exist
An end of all, the death of our world, untimely but self fulfilling
and yet we together attempt to live forever in the heat of sensuality

Hold me tight as we watch the moon shatter crashing into a land beyond the horizon
Let us squeeze tighter as we watch Mercury caress Venus in chaotic love
Forgetting where living ends and death begins lost in bliss of oneness
Ending with living

Together we will conceive a child of consciousness,
Giving birth to a mind beyond life
Soul beyond light, body beyond the physical
The light of Passion living in the darkness of materials ending.

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**The last of the 3 poem series for October. Poem 1.Bury me 2.Fabric of the void 3.Finality I hope you enjoyed this series. A new series will be released in the next few weeks. Thank you to you all, you have my greatest respect and gratitude. -Mikial Kenneth Millard

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Oct 2014
All rights reserved.

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