Soft form lay upon my body
Golden eyes of heaven staring into my soul
Heavenly union where two become one.

by Mikial Kenneth Millard
All rights reserved.
Copyright Oct 2015

Love Wax (Quatrain, ABAB)

My heart a wax that melts from your sensuality,
Your lips speak ecstasy that touches a deep space,
A touch so heavenly with combustible sexuality,
Hearts skipping beats trying to keep up the pace.

By Mikial Kenneth Millard
Copyright Sept 2015
All rights reserved.
**Image found as a public domain image.

Last Days

The dark night fell upon the land & the trumpets blared across the red horizon. The world stopped in it’s tracks. Many fell to their knees. The sun was absent  & a cold wind moved across the cities. Lights began to fall from the sky. A thousand times one thousand orbs of illumination came from above like a great army. Darkness oozed from the caves of the earth like a mass of living anger ravaging all that it touched. A great boom shook the universe.

Mikial Millard
Copyright Aug 2015
All rights reserved.



Who is this angel coming before the cold night?
Knowledge like a Lions roar, speaking in words like rain
Eyes like lightning divulging wisdom that rings out like
universal thunder
leaving all the worlds trembling
Our hearts cry knowing how far from the heavens we have floated
His words pierced our souls with pure light against the darkness.

Mikial Millard
Copyright Aug 2015
All rights reserved.

Purusha (Aphorism)

Let love be the beginning & end of my works on Earth. Let us abide in peace, yes let us all find peace. Live with peace & understanding in the heart. Shape the world with these sharp tools.

Mikial Millard
Copyright Aug 2015
All rights reserved

The Movie Premiere Went Great (More To Come)



Joyce Dewitt from Three’s Company, she was super nice.

IMG_1872Paul Sorvino from Good Fellas’s, Money talks & many other big budget movies. Paul was a very nice guy on set with lots of jokes. He was a pleasure to work with.

The movie premiere for Price For Freedom went great & I had a lot of fun. I have a few more premieres for movies that I am in coming toward the end of the year hopefully.Thank you everyone for reading my post & supporting my work. Be well everyone and all the best to you.

Mikial Kenneth Millard
@aeabiaarts on twitter
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